ATK9060 Co2 laser engraver


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The ideal business or production machine, manufactured to our specification using high quality and sensibly source components. Years of expertise in the field servicing, operating and maintaining laser engravers have helped us create the perfect recipe.  

3 thoughts on “ATK9060 Co2 laser engraver

  1. damian mcdonald says:

    I am considering upgrading from my 5030, 50w laser to a larger one. I bought mine from coletech in January and am very happy with it, no issues at all. I would ideally like to buy a new one with a 1000mm be, but it will all depend on price. I have no problems with a reconditioned machine either. I would be happy with 60W tube but would prefer 80w.
    The reconditioned x700 you have on your site would do but I would probably find myself upgrading again if I were to buy it. Could you please give me more info on your 960 and 10080 models, including price.

  2. Isabelle says:

    You’re pretty interesting. Would it be ok to submit a follow-up question? It’s just that..I’d add more lessons that contradict this.

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