Ruida automatic fan upgrade with fan stop timer

x700 automatic exhaust fan and air assist guide.

Ever forget to switch your exhaust fan on?
Tired of reaching behind the machine to that hard to get plug to start and stop your air assist?

We have the solution for you.
This guide will provide the means for you to rewire the unsafe plugs at the rear of your machine, enabling your appliances to automatically start and stop after a user defined time each and every time you start a cutting or engraving job.

Parts needed for this conversion.

Din rail

This allows you to mount all your contactors, terminals, relays and fuses to your machine

DIN Rail Terminals

A neat and safe soloution for termination and joining your cables

Fused din rail terminals

Add fusable protection to your machine appliances.

BG 4 Pole Contactor, 10 A, 24 V dc Coil

A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching an electrical power circuit, similar to a relay except with higher current ratings and a few other differences. A contactor is controlled by a circuit which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit

DC 24V Delay Time Switch relay

Activates a timer when you start a laser job and begins counting after the job ends allowing for sufficient time for exhaust before stopping your fans. Ensure when purchasing that the selected timer is suitable for 24v. The timer i chose used the LM78L15 suitable for 30v input voltage.

Lapp H05VK Blue Single Core Control Cable, 1 mm² CSA 500 V, 100m

Industrial rated single core cable to connect all your components.

RS Pro Insulated Crimp Bootlace Ferrule

Optional but highly recommended, ferrules are used to terminate each end of a cable to ensure the best connection when used in conjunction with a terminal.


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Now, all that is left is to test the modification.

You want to set the timer so it activates the contactor when you start a job and begins to count down when the job finishes before closing the contractor. I have my machines set to switch fans off 15 seconds after completing a job; I find this time to be enough to completely exhaust the machine. Feel free to use your own values.

This modification can also be fitted to the Leetro controller. I have not tested this but the specifications state it should work as expected. Just connect the green wire on the above diagram to the terminal OUT1, GND to GND, and 24v from your psu.

Leetro controler co2 laser air assistr

Please note the above guide should be followed by a competent engineer, you accept all liability by following this guide.

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