X700 Co2 Laser Honeycomb Bed Leveling Guide

X700 Co2 Laser Bed Leveling Guide
Your bed must be perpendicular to your linear rails, if this is not the case you are not utilizing the full power of your machine across the entirety of your work space.
Each corner of the honeycomb work bed is suspended by ACME style lead screws, these 4 screws are linked together by gears and belts. This belt can be seen by removing the 2 part protective tray at the base of your machine.
If you are having problems with your cuts not being perfectly vertical, or your focus seems to drift the further away your laser head is away from the first mirror THEN FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE IS A MUST.

  1. Firstly remove both front and rear Red doors, this is achieved by pulling the pin on the sprung hinge.
  2. Once both doors are removed user a 3 mm metric Alan / hex key to remove the 14 bolts securing the protective tray to the machine body.
  3. This tray is removed small piece first, followed by the larger section.
  4. Now you should be able to see the gearing, belt, tension and drive assembly that controls the height of the x axis.
  5. Jog the Y axis to the bottom and using a vernier caliper measuring the distance between the X axis rail and the bottom right corner of the bed (measure on the frame not the honeycomb)
  6. lower the bed until this measurement is 120mm
  7. Now repeat these measurements on each corner
  8. If each corner does not meaure the same adjustment is required
  9. To adjust the bed level use your 3mm allen key to loosen off the 4 bolts on each belt tensioner mounting, push these mounting to releve tension. You should now be able to completey remove one of the silver tension idle rollers to completley relive tension on the lead screws.
    Now you can turn each lead screw independant of one another, this will cause each corner to raise or lower depending on the direction you turn.
  10. Once all four corners are adjusted and measuring the same distance between the X axis and the bed the belt can be refitted.
  11. Ensure before refitting the tension roller that the belt is taught between each pulley, a slack belt will lead to loosing bed level when raising and lowering the bed.
  12. The tension can now be added to the belt, push the mountings in the direction of the belt and tighten.
  13. Now lower and raise the bed, take measurements and ensure that the bed is still level. If the level has been lost you must repeat the above steps.

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