How to disable Axis from homing in RDWORKS V8 in the event of a failed home proximity sensor

step-2 rd works disable home

A common failure of chinese laser engraving machines is failure of the home sensor.

Each time the machine is powered on, the laser head will travel to its zero position, most commonly the top right of the machine. A sensor tells the controller when home is reached and sets that point at 0mm in the laser software. In the event of a home sensor failure the head will continue to travel and crash into the extremes of the axis and crash a number of times before pausing.

It is recommended to replace the home sensor immediately we recommend keeping a spare sensor for this very reason. But in the event of a failure and no spare a solution is possible.

We can disable the homing of the machine, if home is disabled the machine will no longer zero on the disabled axis’s. The machine will no longer know where its zero position is and will offer no over travel protection. We recommend this guide to be followed with caution as damage can be caused. Before each and every job is run, we recommend setting the origin before running the job, using the origin button on the control pad.

Step one

  1. Launch RDWORKS V8
  2. Click file
  3. Click vendor settings
  4. Enter password RD8888
  5. Select the desired axis, Y for top to bottom, X for left to right
  6. Click read, don’t forget this step or you will overwrite the machine config settings.
  7. click home and remove the x in the check box
  8. write settings
  9. repeat for other affected axis’s

Replace the sensor as soon as possible, this is not a long term solution.

step-1 rd works disable home step-2 rd works disable home step-3 rd works disable home

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