How to teminate high voltage line

co2 laser high voltage cable

All our power supplies come pre terminated, but in the event that you have to terminate a high voltage line this guide will give you a helpful insight.

Maintenance work should only be performed by a competent engineer, laser engravers are dangerous machines and should be treated with the highest level of caution.

The voltages involved with co2 lasers can be as high as 60kV.

The following tools are required.

  • PH0 screwdriver 
  • Automatic wire strippers
  • Electronic side cutters


co2 laser high voltage cable

  1. Strip around 2 cm from the outer red sheath of  insulation

co2 laser high voltage cable

2. strip 1 cm of insulation from the inner clear sheath.

co2 laser high voltage cable

3. Twist wire ends to make it easier to insert into the HV connector.

co2 laser high voltage cable

4. Slide rubber boot over the cable first, followed by the ceramic connector housing, finally insert the stripped wires into the connector pin and tighten the set screw.

co2 laser high voltage cable

5. Push the boot and connector housing to cover the connection pin.

6. Your cable is now terminated.


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