We are now the UK rep for Teyu Chillers

Teyu S&A CW-5200 Refrigerated Chiller

We are proud to officially be the UK rep for Teyu Chillers, founded in 2002 Teyu is an established worldwide brand for industrial chillers. With over 250 employees and a focus on research and development, Teyu also known as S&A is a brand that you can trust.

Teyu manufactures a huge range of chillers at there 18,000 square meter headquarters in Guangzhou, they specialize in chillers aimed at the medical, laser processing and industrial process markets.

We have wisely made the decision to carry the CW-5200AH laser chiller in stock as this has proven to be Teyu S&A most popular and powerful unit for the domestic laser market. Boasting 1700 watts of cooling capacity, the accuracy of ±0.3°C the 5200AH is not to be overlooked.

Be careful of counterfeits!

The internet is full of them, they carry a range of different brand names some have even started to go to the lengths of copying the Teyu S&A branding to fool the customer into buying a subpar product at similar prices to a high-quality unit.
You may think you are getting a great deal on a like for like product but you are certainly not.
Reports have started to come back about the failings and quality issues of the counterfeit chillers.
Problems arising such as

  • Refrigerant discharge due to dry solder joints on capillary tubing.
  • Cracked condenser due to joining copper tubing to dissimilar metals on the condenser coil.
  • Various wiring issues, causing the killer to fail completely or in even worse cases not sending the stop signal to the machine in the event of the chiller failing to cool.
  • Incorrect mains wiring causing dangerous fault scenarios.
  • Overrated cooling capacity, you think you are buying a chiller with 1700w of cooling capacity but some units have been reported to have as low as 300w.
  • Incorrect (banned) refrigerants for the destination country. Various laws have been put into place to prevent the use of certain refrigerants, the counterfeiters are using the cheapest available at that time, in the event of a gas discharge due to the above problems, not only do you create an environmental risk, but also a risk to your own health and others.

How to spot a counterfeit?

Some counterfeits will be easier to spot the another, some you will not be able to distinguish between a genuine and fake Teyu unless to start to look at the internal components.
The image below will help you to identify up to 50% of the low-quality fakes on the market. The other 50% you cannot be certain unless you are buying from an official representative of the company.
How to spot a fake teyu S&A Chiller

Teyu S&A CW-5200 Features

Teyu S&A CW-5200 Refrigerated Chiller

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