July 2019 New products

blank anodized business cards

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July has been a great month for all at ATK LASER.
As we continue to build our range we remain focused on quality, whist delivering affordable products.

We are now proud to be able to say that we stock every available size and focus length lens in plano-convex configuration.
We also have added 19mm in both SI & MO to our range to support our clients who use CTR lasers.

Expect to see more motion products

Expanding the range of motion components.
We now stock a range of popular drive belts, available for next day delivery. What can be worse than having to wait 2 weeks for replacement parts whist your machine is out of service!
You can expect to see this range expand over the coming months, we are hoping to include bearings, linear slides, replacement pulleys etc
Also our x700 red and black motion upgrade kit, previously this has never been mentioned. But we have been working on a kit that will blow you away. Eradicating quality issues associated with the current setup. Expect to see an huge increase in engraving speed, reduction in backlase, and most importantly an increase in quality.

Expect to see more Engravables

We have added our first product that we would consider an engravable medium. We are hoping to expand on this range in time, adding new products weekly.
Be sure to check out our engravable business cards, very popular in the United States,  great for testing settings and focus before running jobs, demo example cards or for that client that appreciates the feel of a high quality business card.

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