August 2019 New products

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August has been another record breaking month for ATK LASER.
As we continue to build our range we promise to remain focused on quality, whist delivering affordable products.

We have began to build upon or selection of modification components, we now offer an upgraded focus length adjustable laser head for the k40 laser engraver. We are hoping to begin to expand the modification area of our business with other components and guides to assist end users in upgrading your machines

Expect to see more modification products

We have also managed to source replacement hinges for a number of popular machines. Previous to this end users had no other option than to retrofit alternative hinges due the the type fitted at the factory not being publicly available.

This new product has led to the creation of a new store category, Accessories.
Over the coming months we will be adding new auxiliary components to this section, from air pumps, safety circuit components to replacement gas struts.

Expect to see more DIY components

We are big advocates of diy machine building. We believe everyone should have access to affordable components to allow them to create their dream machine.
We hope to begin to add a range of diy components to our product range during Q1 of 2020.

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