Growing safety concerns and general lack of education of the dangers and maintenance required to own and operate a CO2 Laser has encouraged me to share my knowledge & extensive experience and offer my services to both business and Hobbyist’s.

Owning and operating CO2 Laser’s is no small task, regular maintenance is required to not only keep the machine operating but to also ensure safe working conditions.

Most of owners are unaware of the dangers of owning a Class IV Laser.

Firstly the obvious dangers, burns, fires of loss of sight. Unknown to some breaking the beam is not required to cause irreversible injury. Incorrect alignment, broken mirrors and bent linear rails can cause the beam to scatter and reflect in a undesired direction.

As a first generation owner of a Chinese machine i was instantly made aware of the poor assembly and regards to safety paid during manufacturing of these machines. Here is a list of faults i have found to be common on the x700 clone (generic import not REDSAIL)

Electrical Faults

  • Live mains wiring wired to machine ground, causing machine to become live with 220v AC
  • Broken insulation on the high voltage cable, causing machines to become live with 32,000vDC.
  • Bypassed safety interlocks, allowing machine to be run with lid open.
  • spade terminals on mains wiring for rear ancillary plugs, after a few uses these terminals work loose and can easily short to machine ground.
  • Machine wiring not connected to mains earth.
  • Metal extractor fan not earthed and live due to internal fault.

Mechanical Faults

  • Stripped threads & Missing grub screws causing misalignment on X axis linear rail
  • Misaligned Y & X axis stepper motors leading to uneven tension on drive belts causing premature motor and belt wear.
  • Bulkhead water fittings manufacturing and quality control issue, parts not hollow not allowing cooling water to flow.
  • Bent X axis rail, causing poor beam alignment and insufficient cutting depth.
  • 9 out of 10 machines i will find the final lenses to be fitted upside down.
  • Loose grub screws on stepper motor drive pulleys, causing lost steps and jumps during cuts.

Our Background

10 Years experience in a Electro-mechanical Engineering capacity both Offshore oil and gas and On-land manufacturing. Qualified to BEng Hons in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Electro-mechanical control systems. Extensive experience in component level design and the fault level diagnosis of components. Using a methodical and analytical approach to problems ensuing a long term solution first time around.

Our main focus is safety, we want you to continue having a good experience operating your machine. But with the level of faults found on any one import leads me to believe its only a matter of time before we hear of a CO2 related death.

We will ensure your machine is electrically safe to operate and meets the required EU standards to gain the CE mark that was carelessly placed during assembly of your machine, we will give you the required guidance and training to allow you to perform regular maintenance ensuring a long working lifetime.


We are based in the Northwest, a great central location with excellent motorway links to all of the UK, we also serve Europe for larger clients. We offer a 24 hour call out ensuring minimal machine downtime. If you prefer you can bring your machine to our workshop or attend one of our training sessions.


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