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Lubrication the myths, lies and the truth

Lubrication is a hot topic in the laser community, it is very rare that two people will agree on the correct type of lubrication to use. Thankfully very few components require lubrication due to the stepper motors and idle pulleys utilizing sealed bearings. The bearing carriages on the X and Y axis require lubrication as […]

Top 5 laser engraving mistakes.

Skin burnt by laser engraving machine

We all make mistakes every now and then, it’s only human after all. But how can we avoid and adapt to prevent these mistakes from happening in the first place? We have decided to write this article to try and help highlight and educate end users of the top 5 mistakes commonly made by both […]

Bubbles in the laser tube, should i be worried?

This is a very common question,that we must hear several times each day. The answer to the question depends on a number of factors, the size of the bubbles, the number of bubbles & the location of the bubbles. Pockets of localised air in the cooling loop of the laser tube will lead to a […]

We are now the UK rep for Teyu Chillers

Teyu S&A CW-5200 Refrigerated Chiller

We are proud to officially be the UK rep for Teyu Chillers, founded in 2002 Teyu is an established worldwide brand for industrial chillers. With over 250 employees and a focus on research and development, Teyu also known as S&A is a brand that you can trust. Teyu manufactures a huge range of chillers at […]

Common failures of a laser power supply

Its to be expected that eventually a part will fail, but what about DC excited laser power supplies? Why is the failure of this component inevitable? Is it due to cheap construction, or is there more to this? In this article we will explore the potential failure modes of a laser power supply. First we […]