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Ruida automatic fan upgrade with fan stop timer

x700 automatic exhaust fan and air assist guide. Ever forget to switch your exhaust fan on? Tired of reaching behind the machine to that hard to get plug to start and stop your air assist? We have the solution for you. This guide will provide the means for you to rewire the unsafe plugs at […]

CO2 Laser Tube Problems – March Question & Answer session

Laser tube arcing to machine

CO2 Laser tube arc to the machine body or stepper motor I get sent a lot of questions from new and existing readers of my blog in regards to issues they have been having with their CO2 laser tubes. 90% of these questions are regarding certain common problems and can be answered with a simple copy and […]

Battle of the Backlash


Backlash – “Recoil arising between parts of a mechanism.” A problem i am almost guaranteed to find on 90% of the machines i visit. Backlash occurs whenever the laser head changes direction, mostly apparent on the X axis of the x700. When the head changes direction a couple steps are lost taking up the slack in belts […]