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Laser Cooling Water. What you should know, and what you need to know!

Bacterial growth in a laser cooling system

The cooling system is the most critical component in a laser cutter, a well maintained system will last many years if not indefinitely, also a well maintained system will increase the cooling efficiency and life span of the laser tube. We know that the primary cooling fluid is water, but what is the difference between […]

Bubbles in the laser tube, should i be worried?

This is a very common question,that we must hear several times each day. The answer to the question depends on a number of factors, the size of the bubbles, the number of bubbles & the location of the bubbles. Pockets of localised air in the cooling loop of the laser tube will lead to a […]

Common failures of a laser power supply

Its to be expected that eventually a part will fail, but what about DC excited laser power supplies? Why is the failure of this component inevitable? Is it due to cheap construction, or is there more to this? In this article we will explore the potential failure modes of a laser power supply. First we […]

Looking after your mirrors and lens

co2 laser lense damage

Caring for your optics The goal of this article is to educate and inform the end user of the best methods to clean and maintain optics using industry proven best practices. Optics are considered as consumable items, but there is no reason why optical care should not be of up most importance. Following this guide […]

Why is my engraving not solid and why am i using more power

Bad laser engraving quality

One of my clients informs me he is having issues with his engravings, he is having to run the job at a higher power to engrave and cut and is getting bad results, intermittent lines, gaps etc. My first step in troubleshooting this issue is for him to change from X swing to Y swing, […]

Things to consider when buying a laser engraver


Thinking about purchasing a laser engraver?   At ATKlaser we deal with people everyday who have been duped into buying low quality faulty eBay Chinese machines. These machines are made to a budget which is constantly being slashed in order to keep the market competitive. Sellers are looking to make the maximum profit on an […]

X700 Co2 Laser Honeycomb Bed Leveling Guide

X700 Co2 Laser Bed Leveling Guide Your bed must be perpendicular to your linear rails, if this is not the case you are not utilizing the full power of your machine across the entirety of your work space. Each corner of the honeycomb work bed is suspended by ACME style lead screws, these 4 screws […]

Ruida automatic fan upgrade with fan stop timer

x700 automatic exhaust fan and air assist guide. Ever forget to switch your exhaust fan on? Tired of reaching behind the machine to that hard to get plug to start and stop your air assist? We have the solution for you. This guide will provide the means for you to rewire the unsafe plugs at […]