Exchange refund

On return of your old power supply, you will be refunded a surcharge of upto £30 dependent on the condition of the returned unit. (see t&c below)

When buying the spare parts marked as “exchange part” it is necessary to pay not only the value of the spare part itself but the amount of surcharge as well. According to the European legislation, surcharge is the amount that the manufacturer requires to pay as a guarantee for returning the old spare part for refurbishing and reuse. The refund of the surcharge amount is made upon the return of the used spare part. The amount of the surcharge is determined by the supplier of spare parts. Therefore, the same part provided by different suppliers can be offered with a certain surcharge amount or it may have no surcharge at all.

  1. You pay for the new part and the surcharge.
  2. You receive the new part.
  3. You prepare the used part for shipment.
  4. You make the request for the return of the used via email to [email protected]
  5. The used spare part should be placed in the box of the new one, which you received. Enclose the invoice that you received with the letter after placing the order. This will speed up the processing of your request.
  6. Attach the shipping label we have provided and follow delivery instructions.
  7. We send the used spare part to the manufacturer for the examination. As a rule, processing of your order takes 1-2 weeks from the moment of arrival of the shipped spare part in the warehouse. We inform you of the examination results.

What is the procedure of refunding the surcharge in case of the positive examination result?

We refund you the surcharge in the same way as you made the payment.

What happens if the examination result is negative?

We are informing you that the surcharge can’t be refunded. We will be storing the examined core part for 2 months at our warehouse. The spare part can be returned back to you if you request it (The part will be sent back to you at your expense). After 2 months of storage, the spare part will be disposed of.

In case the customer refuses to provide the manufacturer with an old spare part, the surcharge amount is not refundable and is considered by the manufacturer as compensation.

If the used spare part has heavy damages, cracks on the body, the surcharge is not refundable.

In case of return of a used part of a different category, surcharge is not refundable. For example, a power supply was purchased, but a power filter was returned instead.

If the new spare part by characteristics (for example, power) does not coincide with the old, you need to check with the manufacturer the possibility of returning such a part. You can do this via email to [email protected]