Upgrade Mirror 20mm & Lens 12mm Kit GOLD COATED k40


Upgrading your optics is a great low cost method of gaining lost power from your machine. Our gold coated mirrors boast 99.6% reflection at the 10.6um wavelength. Combined with a Prism grade ZnSe for the highest transmission of laser tube power. Contaminated mirrors will reduce the reflectivity of mirror resulting in power loss. Secondary problems are caused by the mirror absorbing the laser energy; this causes the mirrors to heat up. In extreme cases this can cause the mirror to distort, warp or even crack. Contaminated optics Contamination due to foreign materials on the optic’s surface includes dust, oil, grease, fingerprints, and hydrocarbons. These contaminants, if deposited on the optic’s surface, may lead to absorption and shorten optic lifespans and efficiency. Localized heating, caused by contamination, can lead to “thermal runaway” in high-power laser optics. High temperatures create an increase in free carriers within the bulk material which increases absorption. This process reaches an avalanche state, and thermal runaway commences at > 50° C for Ge, and > 200° C for ZnSe and GaAs.Surface.  

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