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Stepper motor failure, Diagnosis and repair.


Stepper motor failure, Diagnosis and repair. We recently had a machine in for repair, the machine in question is a HPC Laserscript 3040. The customer complained that the laser head stopped moving correctly across the X axis, occasionally it would work but the issue got progressively worse. Symptoms When powered on the laser head will […]

CO2 Laser Lens Focus Length Explained

co2 laser focus length explained

The type of lens we use with a CO2 laser is optimized for the transmission of 10.6μm infrared wavelength. Light enters the lens and begins to converge to the focal point, after the focal point the light begins to diverge creating an hourglass profile. The rate and angle at which light converges and diverges depending […]

CO2 Laser Engraver Beam Alignment

co2 laser 2nd mirror

Laser beam alignment can be a daunting task, but it shouldn’t have to be. First time users find it overwhelming and often give up and accept unsatisfactory alignment. Alignment shouldn’t be a task that you avoid, it gets easier with repetition. Bad alignment can cause a number of problems; reduced cutting power, overheating lens / […]

NEW STOCK ALERT! We have some exciting machines arriving


We have managed to secure a number of duel head machines.   These machines feature tandem laser tubes and two lense head arrangements, as standard a 60w for fast engraving and a 100w for cutting. Depending on your requirements we can kit these machines out to have upto 250w tubes for incomparable cutting power and speed. […]